Indonesian Economy faces many significant changes from time to time. One of the factors that causes the changes is technology development. The fusion between existing technology and economy create an innovation called Financial Technology.

Financial Technology aims to give technology oriented financial services to build a more efficient financial system. The presence of Financial Technology is expected to be the solution of innovative technology that can associate Indonesian society with finance institution.

Generally Financial Technology service that evolve in Indonesia consist of various types of service, such as vomit payment channel/system, digital banking, online/digital insurance, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending and crowdfunding. Financial Technology covers payment, investment, financial planning and financing sectors.

In Indonesia service that often used by society is crowdfunding, a service that covers the society through digital technology
for investment as well as social purpose. In fact, Financial Technology in Indonesia still has some questions that must be examined.

Regulations and policies made within Financial Technology agents have ambiguous point that lead to obscurity in society. This circumstance becomes the topic that must be done to clarify economy business system in Indonesia in order to help Indonesian society.

Based on the above condition, we are from Indonesia Investment Banking Competition (IIBC) want to hold Indonesia Finance and Banking Forum (IFBF) event, which is a forum that discuss about the main topic of finance and economic world in Indonesia.

This year our IFBF’s theme is “Attaining the Financial Inclusion”. We believed by holding IBFB 2017 the solutions to reach financial inclusion in Indonesia could be discovered. IFBF 2017 will be held on May 2017.


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